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We are a husband and wife luxury wedding photography team that helps by delivering joyful detailed brides heirloom photos so they can have fun at their wedding and have timeless photos to pass down for generations. It's about showing that love and sharing it with others. Here to educate, inspire, and serve.

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Planner, Seamstress, dress obsessed, and lover of Paris.

Adventurer, woodworker, beard grower, and language learner.

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Hello friend and welcome! We are Jaz and Theo, a husband and wife wedding photography team based out of El Paso. We love learning and educating brides or other photographers. Going through the process of planning a wedding, learning how to use a camera, or start a business are hard and we went through what you are going through!

We have helped so many people achieve the wedding or photos they wanted and we can't wait to serve, inspire, and educate you through our guides and in-depth newsletters! We enjoy traveling, making friends, wearing cute outfits (including hats), trying to live waste free, and snuggling together often.

You might be a jt bride if...

You have been planning your dream wedding for as long as you can remember.

You wish you could wear your wedding dress more than just the wedding day.

You are going to choose the best photographer that also has your best interests at heart.

Love is your main focus.

Joyful photos are your favorite.

You love learning as much about weddings as you can to make yours perfect.

You enjoy getting dressed up and look your best for engagement photos.

You think photography is the most important thing to invest in for the wedding.

You can't wait to see your grooms face light up during your First Look.

You are holding in the anticipation to share all the wedding photos once they arrive.

You made it through this list!
You are totally a JT Bride!

Make me an official JT Bride!


Jordanne & Aidan

"Jaz and Theo devoted a great deal of time and energy to ensure our experience was more than just business. They made sure they knew our family by name and focused on our family dynamics to keep everyone happy. Their attention to detail made our wedding day experience so special. Jaz and Theo went beyond any expectations we had for our photographers. Their charisma and kind personalities helped make taking our photos so easy and natural!"

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Anahi & Ivan

"Jaz and Theo are two wonderful people, but not just that they are also great photographers. They are the perfect duo to create beautiful images on your special day. They make you feel so comfortable and relaxed during your session. I laughed so much and just had a great time. They bring out your natural smile and just make your pictures look beautiful! I highly recommend them for your special day!"


Mikayla & Shung

"They are super organized and on top of things. Jaz and Theo went above and beyond my expectations and captured our engagement session and wedding beautifully! All of our friends and family, including my husband and I, gush about the work they produce and the moments they capture!"

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Desirrae & David

"Jaz and Theo are incredible, amazing and exceptional photographers and people! Our photos were out of this world and we were so comfortable throughout our session because of how loving and sincere they made us feel. Every time I look at our photos I feel over the moon at how gorgeous they came out and I think the dedication and love Jaz and Theo have not only for their work, but for the people they are photographing shines through the pictures. Love, love, love!!!!"

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Barbara & Tannon

"Jaz and Theo were the perfect photographers for our wedding. They were professional and efficient. Their style of shooting had us both relaxed and laughing throughout the entire shoot and we enjoyed every moment of it. We LOVE the photos and the moments they captured!"

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Taylor & Skylor

"Their bubbly attitude and attention to details made the whole experience so much more than just getting photos taken.
During our photo session, Jaz and Theo weren't just focused on taking photos. They got to know us; we laughed together like old friends!"

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Erin & Ricky

"They gave us much advice to have a memorable wedding from our dream. They did a wonderful job with engagement and wedding! our families and friends love the pictures. Bright and cherish memories!"

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Becca & Tanner

"We really liked how you guys got to know us on a personal level and it felt like you were actually part of the wedding as friends. They have great organization skills that make the whole process much easier. Our pictures turned out better than expected."

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Briana & Zack

"We loved our experience with Jaz and Theo! They always listened to where we wanted to go. They are a hardworking team and love what they do. I would highly recommend them."

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The Review


You have an artistic eye, amazing taste, and won't settle for anything less than heirloom photos!

The reason this is our style is because we are people centered photographers and focus on the skin color and making a less distracting background. Just think like Jojo says on Fixer Upper "light, bright, and airy!"


You can Graduate to have heirloom photos too!

But can you tell the difference?

Click on the photo you think qualifies as an heirloom photograph and see your results


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