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December 11, 2019

Jaz- Oh my gosh you guys this had been a long time in the making! The shiplap was made out of MDF boards ripped down and nailed to the wall. We used quarters for the spacing. The peg rial was the harder part since we had to drill holes for the shaker pegs we bought. We got the mini shaker pegs since we have a tight hallway so just 2 inches from the wall was all we could do.

The shelf was actually oak trim cut down so it was only 2 inches t o be the same as the pegs. We also used oak for the wood that holds the pegs. This was a super inexpensive upgrade we were at less than $10 for the MDF and Pegs but then the four pieces of real Oak wood made it to over $100. We wish we could find oak second hand that someone is selling but so far no luck.

I was able to make the snow covered pine tree art, the aprons, and the santa bags in the stockings. The stockings were made by a friend for our wedding. They are really well made! The Painting was found second hand, along with the gold frame. The baskets were another second hand find and love that they match but they do stick out farther than the 2 inches and we have bumped into them so we might need to get some other ones. The pegs were from Micheal’s and the red coat is from Nicole Miller. The brass ruler and old scissors are from Theo’s grandma, glad we were able to add some heirloom items to the mix. These are definitely some of my favorite things, not that we got much from Theo’s grandma. The scarf and umbrella are also second hand.

We will have a detailed post all about how we made it soon. But for now we are so excited that we got to decorate this space for Christmas! We are so proud of what we were able to accomplish and have been using it a lot all ready. Now it feels like we have some kind of entry way. Make sure to check back soon because we are going to tackle to front door soon!


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