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August 3, 2018

We love architecture and one thing that we have noticed about great designed buildings and that is the windows! Windows are such a great way to elevate the design and make the building stand out. The best part about windows is that they are amazing at letting natural light into your home. This can change how your house feels! Windows are the best way to make that outdoors in seem more real. We gathered up a few things that we think you should think about when buying a house, painting, or putting in new windows!


The biggest thing you need to determine first is the size of the window and how many on one wall. Now there are certain dimensions that we could never know about your windows but one thing we always say is to have the big windows. Big windows are a great statement and give lots of natural light. Now you don’t have to buy or have the biggest windows available. You can always have multiple smaller windows side by side to still get that effect! Main living areas are a great place to have windows that almost touch the ground.


Windows are so versatile and we love that there are so many options for different ways of opening them to different styles. You can truly get about any style of windows you want. Modern, country, craftsmen, French, etc. You can get transoms, arched windows, and different patterned grilles. Then you can get casement windows that open to the outside, sliding up down, sliding from one side to the other, picture, and awning! Think of what would fit best for your needs and the style you want to achieve with them.


You may have great windows and don’t want to replace them but you can always update them with paint. We have been loving the super popular black windows lately! These may seem trendy but they are actually from the industrial building in the 19th century! It has that more modern vibe and we love the high contrast of it. White windows will always be the timeless option if that is more what you like. And if you don’t want to paint the window you can always just do the trim.


All about Windows
All about Windows
All about Windows
All about Windows
All about Windows
All about Windows
All about Windows

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