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September 5, 2017

I have been very busy this past week because I had the incredible opportunity to go to Scottsdale and be a part of the Amy & Jordan Business Course! I was sad to leave Theo behind but I am sure he was sadder than me because at least I got to do something fun! Since we just moved to El Paso it was an eight hour drive to Phoenix! First thing I did once I got there on Monday was visit this used industrial sewing store called Ed Raichet inc. I had never even tried an industrial sewing machine before so I was a tad scared I would mess up and not know what I was doing. Luckily the older gentlemen was very patience and got lots of clients wanting to make the upgrade but had never used one before. I was surprised at how easy it was. Take away all the buttons on a home sewing machine and leave only 3 and thats what an industrial sewing machine is like. This one was a Juki DDL 8700 and industrial sewing machines for straight stitch only go forward and backward, no button holes, no zig zag, none of that! After testing it out I bought it! My first sewing machine! Then we had the difficulty of trying to fit it in my small hatchback car. Industrial sewing machines come with a table that has the foot lever to control the machine and also the motor attached to the table. So there I was with this huge table and sewing machine in the back of my car for the week as I went back and forth to the Business Course! I also made a stop to like eight Goodwills and got lots of goodies!! I even found a full length wet suit that fits Theo perfectly!! I have been saving up my monthly spending allowance for months so I could go shopping.Jaz&Theo. Amy and Jordan Course3.jpgJaz&Theo. Amy and Jordan Course1.jpg

My sister who just got married, and so graciously opened up their house for me to stay in. I hardly got to see them though because the filming of the course took anywhere from 8:00-19:00 or even 23:00!! I got hardly an sleep because I also had to drive an hour each morning and night to my sister’s place. Then when I did sleep I had so much new information running through my head! It’s a good thing though. The course was so heart driven it astonished me. I have taken Amy and Jordan’s Shooting and Editing Course and their Posing Course so to see Amy cry so much about why we do what we do was so touching. This course is jam packed with information and personal stories that make the content really stick. It’s a great foundation for anyone who is looking to get into photography or is just struggling after a few years. I know there were some things that I was nodding my head “Yes, I am doing this right!” and other times I am like “Wow, I need to start doing that now!”. The legal side was very new to me, I think it is for most photographers. We don’t like that stuff so we just avoid it. If you are a more established photographer looking to start email subscriptions, podcast, and doing workshops, and making your own courses this probably isn’t the course for you but congrats on getting that far! This is going to help so many people get their business on the right track and hopefully show if this isn’t something you want to do at least you discovered that now instead of years down the road. I and I am sure many other photographers didn’t realize just how much we have to do to be in business. We really have to wear many different hats and trust me we didn’t get into this line of work just to be accountants, website designers, or any of the other crazy things we have to do or outsource! Trust me this is a great investment for your business and will help you grow tremendously!

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