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March 31, 2017

What the Maid of Honor is in Charge of. By Jaz&Theo. Click this image to read more

What the Maid of Honor is in Charge of. By Jaz&Theo. Click this image to read more


Being the maid of honor comes with a lot of responsibilities but can also be lots of fun. It’s a time to get to know your best friend that is getting married and to get a test for what your wedding might be like. It’s the closest you can get to a wedding with out it being your own. Take the time to get to know what the bride likes so that you could offer suggestions and opinions that match what she would love.


Go with the bride dress shopping

Dress shopping can be one of the funnest activities because you just get to help the bride zip up dresses if she needs it done. The most important thing to remember when going dress shopping with the bride is to give insight and opinions on the dresses but also not too much that you offend her if you dislike something she likes. Best to stay on the brides good side.


Bridesmaids dresses

Some brides choose the bridesmaids dresses by them selves while others want the opinion of the maid of honor. A more recent trend is to have the bridesmaids all choose a dress in the style and color that the bride approves of and then they aren’t all matching. As Maid of Honor make sure that all the brides have their dresses, jewelry, shoes, and any other accessory before the big day.


Bridal Shower

The planning, inviting, decorating, and everything else for the bridal shower should be done by the maid of honor. Of course things can be divided up to other bridesmaids, like some one in charge of the games, food, the place, and writing down the gifts. There are many things that go into a bridal shower so don’t feel too much pressure to do everything yourself.


Bachelorette party

Just like the bridal shower the maid of honor should have the same duties for the bachelorette party. Of course it will be different from the bridal shower but with similar responsibilities like planning, food, games, etc.


Listen to the bride

This can be one of the most important things the maid of honor can help with, just by listening to the bride. It’s hard being a bride, lots of stress planning, places to be, people to meet, so she may need to vent to a girlfriend. Everyone needs someone who will listen and understand. Make sure the maid of honor will be there to listen and help where she can.



During the wedding day


Maid of honor in charge of contacts

The bride should already have a list of the vendors for the wedding and their contacts and have them printed out or the list emailed to other vendors, the groom, the maid of honor, and the best man. These come in handy for knowing who to contact before the wedding and on the wedding day in case anything comes up. A list of who is in the bridal party and their contacts should be added to the list for the and handed out to all in the bridal party in case they need to get in touch with each other. The photographer should also have this list to know the names of those they will take photos of. A list of family members is also necessary for the bridal party and the photographer so that they know who is who and can call them over for help, when they need photos, and other various things. All of these lists are great for emergencies and being prepared ahead of time.


Maid of Honor wedding day duties

Some of the less appealing duties of the maid of honor is helping the bride go to the bathroom, which is really important but not fun. During the actual ceremony the bride will hand over her bouquet to the maid of honor to hold, this is not the only time the maid of honor will need to do this. She should be next to the bride though out the wedding day except for the first look. We ask that the maid of honor come during portraits to help the bride with holding the bouquet, fixing the train, fixing the bride’s hair, and veil. The maid of honor should be conscious of doing all these things throughout the day.


Tell and direct the other bridesmaids and groomsmen

A hard part about being the maid of honor is that you will be the person that everyone will go to for answers or help so that they don’t disturb the bride. This is a helpful job for the bride but can be daunting if the maid of honor doesn’t know the answers. This is why the maid of honor should know the timeline well and other common questions that will be asked.


Makes sure the bride doesn’t get too much hugs and questions.

If the bride and groom have a receiving line the maid of honor and other bridesmaids should make sure that the bride doesn’t get too claustrophobic with everyone wanting hugs and answers. The maid of honor can help ease this burden by letting people know ahead of time at the beginning of the line that handshakes or smiles would be better than a million hugs. The maid of honor should also help if the bride or bride and groom get stuck talking to some one for too long or they are getting too many questions. Make sure the bride and maid of honor have a signal for getting them out of the situation.


Getting the party started

This can drastically change how much fun people had at the reception. Getting the dancing started helps others to not feel so awkward starting the dancing. That’s why the maid of honor and best man should be the first ones to start dancing after the first dance, daddy daughter dance, and mother son dance.


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