phones than their wedding photography?

You would think that a day you won't be able to do again would be more important. We think investing in heirloom wedding photography is a big deal! All most like buying a house! But we won't be able to charge that much, but our photos will last longer than most people live in their house! These aren't just for you but for many generations to come.



Anahi & Ivan

"Jaz and Theo are two wonderful people, but not just that they are also great photographers. They are the perfect duo to create beautiful images on your special day. They make you feel so comfortable and relaxed during your session. I laughed so much and just had a great time. They bring out your natural smile and just make your pictures look beautiful! I highly recommend them for your special day!"


Mikayla & Shung

"They are super organized and on top of things. Jaz and Theo went above and beyond my expectations and captured our engagement session and wedding beautifully! All of our friends and family, including my husband and I, gush about the work they produce and the moments they capture!"

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Desirrae & David

"Jaz and Theo are incredible, amazing and exceptional photographers and people! Our photos were out of this world and we were so comfortable throughout our session because of how loving and sincere they made us feel. Every time I look at our photos I feel over the moon at how gorgeous they came out and I think the dedication and love Jaz and Theo have not only for their work, but for the people they are photographing shines through the pictures. Love, love, love!!!!"

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Barbara & Tannon

"Jaz and Theo were the perfect photographers for our wedding. They were professional and efficient. Their style of shooting had us both relaxed and laughing throughout the entire shoot and we enjoyed every moment of it. We LOVE the photos and the moments they captured!"

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Taylor & Skylor

"Their bubbly attitude and attention to details made the whole experience so much more than just getting photos taken.
During our photo session, Jaz and Theo weren't just focused on taking photos. They got to know us; we laughed together like old friends!"

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Erin & Ricky

"They gave us much advice to have a memorable wedding from our dream. They did a wonderful job with engagement and wedding! our families and friends love the pictures. Bright and cherish memories!"

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Becca & Tanner

"We really liked how you guys got to know us on a personal level and it felt like you were actually part of the wedding as friends. They have great organization skills that make the whole process much easier. Our pictures turned out better than expected."

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Briana & Zack

"We loved our experience with Jaz and Theo! They always listened to where we wanted to go. They are a hardworking team and love what they do. I would highly recommend them."

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The Review

After you have officially reserved your wedding date, you are now a JTBride! We will start planning and use questionnaires to make sure that we can capture everything that we need for the big day. You will receive our "JT Wedding Experience Guide". This will have everything you need to know about the rest of your photography experience. 

Reserving and Planning


Now is when we get to meet and have a fun time taking amazing photos of you two! Engagement sessions are a gift from us when you book a collection, this is so that you two can become more comfortable with us and the camera. This is also when we will practice posing so that your wedding day will be less stressful.

Engagement Session


We want to see you about a month before the wedding to go over everything. This can be a Skype, Facetime, or in person, etc. We will talk about your wedding day timeline, the list of photos you want, and we will answer any questions you may have. This is to set your mind at ease.

Face to Face


Hurray! Now is when you get to relax and party with the people that are closest to you; focus on what your wedding is really about, love. The wedding day is when all our planning and the timeline will help make your day run smoothly. So have fun and enjoy it.

Wedding Day


An album can be ordered with your engagement photos to be used as a sign in book if you desire. Wedding album and a parents albums can also be purchased. Order your album as soon as possible because it normally takes a month. All albums will be designed for you with the photos of your choice.  



You want us to be your wedding photographer?! Yay!

Book Us!


All above $3,300 (includes tax)

• 8-Hours of Coverage so you don't feel stressed and we can have time to get all the photos.

• Two Photographers so you don't have to worry about assainging someone with an iPad to take photos.

• In-depth Timeline Counseling based on our custom wedding timeline to be able to get those high end photos that you want.

• Our "Wedding Experience Guide" to Help Explain the Wedding with all our best tips and tricks to make sure you have a luxury wedding day.

All our Collections include


Invest in yourself

And the next generation

After the dancing is done and the tables have been cleaned off, the only thing left from the wedding day that will last the test of time is the photos. These photos are some of the first ones you will show your children and grandchildren and they will see how much love grandpa had for grandma and how close they held each other.




Our style is very light and airy with lots of space to bring the focus back on you two and love. We are determined to serve you by giving you two the creamiest, smoothest, and milkiest skin as possible. You can see our style throughout the gallery and blog. We only specialize in this specific style to bring the highest quality of it. Make sure this classic light and airy style is what you are looking for. The biggest heirloom that will endure is photography, make sure you invest in it.

Our hearts love weddings we get to travel to, even if its just a short road trip or across the world. We definitely have the travel bug and love any chance that we can see new places. Inquire with us to see if we will be close to you or your destination. We love to travel for engagement sessions too! Get a few of your friends to book us too and split the travel fee and let us get to meet more friends! Our favorite part of traveling is getting to know the people from that area.

Albums are not included in the collections but are available for purchase. We highly suggest getting an heirloom wedding album that will be passed down the generations. Holding and seeing the printed photos is a completely different experience. Instead of looking back at the wedding photos on your phone, most people chose to pull out the wedding album that has been curated to tell a story of your unique day. Purchasing a wedding album is left completely up to you.  


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The morning of the wedding came way too fast, and as Briana was getting ready the time pasted even faster. Briana was choosing out a necklace to wear and asked for my advice since I am her sister. She had a dozen different necklaces that my mom had gathered up for her to choose from. I give credit to my mom...

Briana & Zack

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His hands move about in the air making Erin smile harder. Each motion means so much to him as he expresses his love for her. As their hands moved along with every expression they communicated their love to each other in a unique way. Both sets of hands were so graceful and methodic as they...

Erin & Ricky

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We have many of our sweet clients book us days after they got engaged! They do this because we book weddings 6 months to years in advance and they want us for their day! So they book us to secure their date.

All wedding collections come with an eight hour wedding day with two photographers, and an online gallery.
Average our couples spend with us 2,175-3,000 (includes tax).

Investing in dreamy photos is like investing in a house but we won't be able to charge you that amount, but our photos will last longer than most people live in their house! These aren't just for you but for many generations to come.

With the number of photographers to chose from, we are humbled that you are considering us to help serve you on your wedding. Bride and Groom to be, please fill out the contact form for a well planned, inspiring, and service based wedding. We will help you out as much as we can.

The best way to contact us, or learn more about our collections, is to fill out the below information. If you have not received an email by us within 24 hours check your spam inbox.


The best way to contact us, or learn more is to fill out the below information. If you have not received an email by us within 24 hours check your spam inbox.

Thank You! We will be in touch with you shortly. In the meantime, check out our most recent posts on the blog!

Thank You

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