Waste Free

Do you recycle, compost, or even care about all the waste that you generate? Maybe you have already started to take your own reusable grocery bags to the store! Good for you! But you might not have heard of waste free or plastic free.

It all started one day when Jaz was devouring each pin on Pinterest of beautifully organized kitchens. One popped up with the most pretty fridge organization. Everything was stored in cute glass Mason jars, cute labels, and nothing in packaging! As she stared at it in amazement she decides to click on the image to take her to the blog. As she read the blog post she realized that the lady who wrote it chose not to buy anything that came in plastic packaging and that is how her fridge and her panty looked so good. This type of lifestyle is called Waste Free or Plastic Free.

A waste free or plastic free lifestyle is when someone concisely tries to limit or cut out entirely certain things that are not recyclable or compostable. One of the biggest ways we make waste is through the food we buy. We buy lots of things that come packaged when they don't need to be. Plastic as it turns out is not recyclable and is not natural so if it ends up in the dirt it will never compost unlike naturally occurring things like glass and metal. 

Many have turned to a waste free lifestyle to eat healthier, not have BPA and plastics seep into our food or bodies, to save the environment, to save on money, to protect our food better, and so much more! The biggest thing you need to remember is to give your self grace and be ok with the little steps you take and not feel overwhelmed to do it all. 

what we strive for

We love canvas bags and use them for when we travel too! They are so versatile.

Take reusable grocery and fruit/ veggie bags to the store

Bringing new life to something old is great and bonus it was probably built better too !

Shop for things like clothing, decor, furniture, and more second hand

Small Steps

These toothbrushes are great and don't feel bad changing it out every few months.

Buy compostable bamboo

Our Almost Pinterest Worthy Home and Why We Try to be Waste Free

Well we have always been very environmentally friendly to start with. We get about 70-90% of our wardrobe second-hand, Almost all of our furniture is second-hand except our mattress, Theo bikes to work, and Theo's job is an Environmental Scientist! Do I need to say more?

Waste Free

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We think companies went away from safety razors to cheap razors is so we buy more!

Use a safety razor to shave instead of single use razors

Filters are easier, no need to get more drinking water at the store, and are better!

Stop buying plastic water bottles and get a filter instead!

Small Steps

Storing food isn't hard and using mason jars give you a better air tight seal!

Store food in reusable mason jars instead ziplock bags

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