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October 26, 2018

A lot of you know that I (Jaz) suffer from migraines and headaches all the time! It is not fun and will leave me feeling drained and sick 24 hours after a migraine started. I have even had a couple of migraines that were so bad I threw up and was literally sick because of them. I knew I needed to change something. I am already very healthy. I work out every weekday. I don’t eat gluten, sugar, and have even stopped buying food in packages. That didn’t seem to be the problem. So I asked our tribe what they do to help cut down on migraines. These are not cures and I still get migraines just half the amount that I was getting. I am not a doctor and advise you to see one if you get lots of migraines.


This has been the thing that helps me cut down on migraines the most! Adding Magnesium vitamins to my daily routine has been a big improvement. Now don’t expect it to work right away. It took months before it cut the migraines down. Please also don’t exceed the daily recommended amount. After hearing about this from a friend that says his wife takes a magnesium vitamin every day to help with migraines, I decided to try it out. I also searched online Magnesium and migraines and I was very impressed with all the articles I found that said magnesium levels are low in people when they are experiencing a migraine. So I thought it was a great way to help with them, a very cheap option, and didn’t change my entire life around to do it. I highly recommend people with migraines to start taking a daily magnesium supplement.


One of the bigger things that I did to help was to go to sleep at 10 (22:00)  if possible and wake up early. Now I am not saying you have to wake up at 5! I am just saying going to bed earlier has helped me get a better nights sleep. I already was sleeping at least 8-10 hours every night but a lot of times it would take me an hour to fall asleep or I would wake up to use the restroom and then had to wait an hour or two to fall back asleep. Instead, when I go to bed earlier and wake up earlier I fall asleep right away and I wake up refreshed from sleeping the entire night. Trust me you should really start doing this not just for the headaches and migraines but for a better sleep.


Another thing that I have down to be more healthy and help my brain is to run every weekday and Saturday, 6 days out of 7. Now I had been running a mile every weekday for a year now and still had a hard time going upstairs and I wanted to do better at working out. So I started running 3 miles 6 days a week! This has helped my energy levels and endorphins. There have even been studies that found running and walking help with brain activity. And guess what? I have had lots of big ideas and dreams in the last four months since I have been running so much! It’s crazy! We are truly built for endurance and getting better at that has helped so much. Some days I even do four miles and on days I don’t feel well or sick I walk a mile or two.

Hope that if you are having lots of headaches, migraines, or just want to live healthier please start taking a daily magnesium supplement, start going to bed earlier, and to run or walk long distances. Magnesium levels have been shown to drop during a migraine and taking a daily supplement will help. It does take a couple months to see the full benefits and you will be amazed. Going to bed earlier to get a full nights sleep and fall asleep faster can help clear your brain and not feeling tired all day. Long distance running and walking help with brain activity! So what are you waiting for? And if you have any tips on how to redue migraines and headaches we would love to hear them in the comments below.



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