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October 12, 2018

We get told all the time that we need to attracting and booking our dream clients. But the honest part is that no one gets dream clients every single time! Well, why are so many people saying that they are booking their dream clients if that’s not true you ask? Well, this might come as a shock but it’s ok to do work you love and not do it with your dream client. Sure dream clients give us that spark and make us want to keep this up and not quite. But meeting bills, having something to do, getting experience, marketing, etc. are all very real reasons that we might take on clients that aren’t our dream clients.


The first thing we are told and that we should do is market to our dream clients. This may sound easy but sometimes it isn’t as easy as it sounds. We have to take a good hard look at the kind of dream client you want to attract. Some of the best ways to do this is by showing and highlighting your past dream clients on social media and your website. Don’t be afraid if it seems like you share that one dream client too much, share it some more! And even if a client isn’t exactly your dream client highlight the points that do match your dream client profile!


One of the best ways to attract your dream client is by educating them on things. If you are a photographer that really wants to do weddings with first looks highlight whenever someone does the first look and bring it up again in a few months, a year, etc. We educate our clients the benefits of first looks for wedding days and never the cons. We tell them more photo time, all photos done before the ceremony, can then relax and party after the ceremony and not have to sneak away, and friends and family love it.  If you are a Wedding cake baker and want to do a certain style of cake educate clients about why that style is the best. Always show them the benefits.


Ok you might not always get a dream client but let’s try and make them a dream client as much as possible! We can do this by educating them throughout the process. Another great way is to prime them. Prime them to how to answer questionnaires, how to pay, make the most of their time with you, and set up expectations. You can read a post about Client Communication and Setting Expectations here.

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