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October 16, 2018

Hey everyone!

Boy, we sure have been having fun with all the fall activities going on. Theo has been loving the cooler weather but Jaz is not loving the cold weather at all. We sure have been up to a lot of fun things in this last week.

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On Sunday the 7th of October we had some people over for dinner and game night. We love hanging out and if we were better at cooking we would have someone over every day of the week if it was up to us! But these were special people that came over. Jaz’s cousin just moved to El Paso! Like they really got there less than 24 hours when they came over. Her name is Taylor and she also just got married the week before to Skyler. So, of course, we asked them about the wedding! We played a board game and then Mario Kart. Skyler blew us all out of the water with is amazing skills! We are so glad that we now have some family close by and hope they enjoy their time here.

During the week we did lots of work and had to turn on the heater because it got to 40 degrees as the high two days in a row! Jaz has been having fun working on rewatching and watching courses and education as part of the goal for this month. Now just need to implement it all, which is the hardest part.

Friday we started the weekend off with Theo going to play soccer with a local group. Jaz worked of course. We both have been having fun with getting better at Mario Kart. Saturday we crammed so much into this day! We both ran over 3 miles. Cleaned the house. Then at lunch time, we went to a local pumpkin/pecan farm festival. They had some food, face painting, pumpkin painting, grames, and horses to ride. It was a bit muddy from all the rain the day before but we didn’t mind. We did wish we had gone with someone. It gets kinda boring going to events by yourself.

After we went home and got ready for our session for our Bad Spot Grea Shot November Challenge! It was fun and we can’t wait to show you guys these photos. Like you will not believe where we were and the kind of photos that we got! We had fun hanging out with Taylor and Skyler. The scariest part for Jaz was after we were done with the session she practiced for the first time using film! Ahhh. That’s scary to try new things especially when you have never had a film camera before!

Then after that, we ate dinner and went to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on the grass at the Mall. We had fun and brought a blanket to snuggle up in. We think we will have to do it again soon!


JT Adventures Fall activities3.jpg
JT Adventures Fall activities1.jpg
JT Adventures Fall activities2.jpg

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