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October 9, 2018

As long as we can remember every mom wants amazing family photos. Of course, we think getting amazing family photos really comes down to the effort you and your family wants to put into it. We love when people come to us and want amazing photos but then don’t put in the work and are disappointed. It hurts our feelings and theirs and can even sometimes ruin children’s self esteem. So please take these tips to heart and make the most of your family photos.


Preparing for family photos is a very important thing. Don’t just show up to the session and expect everything to just fall into place and be perfect without putting in the effort. Take the time to find a photographer months in advance, take the time to read and put their tips into action, take the time to get one to two outfits for everyone (that people actually like), take the time to set expectations, talk to the family, prepare by getting ready an hour early, get to the session early, don’t tell anyone to smile, just have fun, and love your photos. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.


Let’s start with perfection. We see it almost every family session. The mom wants out of this world photos when in reality no matter how much you pay, how photogenic your family might be, how well behaved your family is, etc. you will never get those photos. Having realistic expectations is key to having great photos! Again you have to put in the work of the following steps to get closer but it will not be perfect in every single way. Things happen. You run late, someone doesn’t want to smile, traffic, someone needs the bathrooms, someone is hungry, etc. So please, please, we beg you to not put so much weight on to having perfect family photos. Putting pressure on yourself, your spouse, your kids, and the photographer, is all just too much and will ruin the experience, which means even if you get the perfect photo you won’t like it.


We touched on it a bit above but you should actually but the experience above everything else, dare we say even above the photos! Like we said you may get the best photo but you may look at it and remember how awful you felt and how so and so was upset with you and therefore will never enjoy that photo! We want everyone to have a great time and enjoy them self. Celebrate another year together! Sometimes kids don’t want to be perfect and that’s ok as long as they are happy and you are too. And don’t forget that small things like being a hovering parent can really stress kids out, and please never tell anyone to smile! Forced smiles always show and then everyone is unhappy from just that one word being said, even the photographer! We want people to look at their photos and remember how much fun they had!


A couple of days before the family photos and right before them (or on the way) make sure to go over things that need to be talked about. Talk to your spouse how you two aren’t going to hover and just let the kids and have and not tell them to do things like smile. Talk to your kids how you want them to have a great time and it’s really a celebration of being a family. Setting expectations and making things clear to others can go a long way.


Finding a great photographer is key to getting those great photos that you want. Take some time out of your day and research the kind of photographer you want. Start by looking up different styles of photography, dark and moody, light and airy (we specialize in this with emulation to film), black and white, orange skin tones, very colorful, headshots, surreal, glamour, outdoors, etc. Also know that there are different styles that photographers have to get their photos. Some are like flys on the wall and won’t tell you anything photojournalistic, lifestyle (posed but also natural), abstract, very posed, etc. Once you know what kind of style of photos you want make sure you know how to find the right photographer. A great place to look is on Instagram. You can find local photographers by searching hashtags like #yourcityphotographer #yourcity #yourstatephotographer #yourcityweddingphotographer or search hashtags in the location you want to take photos at. Find photographers with the style you like and go to their websites! Check out testimonials and see what their starting or average prices are, most will list them to save you time and effort! Yay! If you contact a photographer please don’t reach out to them anywhere but their contact form on their website. We get so many people messaging us on Instagram and other social media that we don’t always get to them. So please reach out to your photographer the professional way on their websites contact form.


Once you get your photos back don’t forget that not every photo is going to be gold. You can’t put that kind of pressure on yourself or the photographer. Keep in mind that most people don’t like the way they look in photos either. We are used to seeing ourselves in mirrors and it is odd for us when we see that image in reverse! The best way to get over this is to print and hang up your photos, post and share the photos, and most of all get your photos taken more often! Most people don’t like the sound of their own voice but singers, podcasters, hosts, and more get to actually like their voice the more and more they hear it!

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