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October 19, 2018

You guys! We have been asking our tribe what blog posts they want to see, and we are happy to start off with this amazing suggestion. We are going to be talking about finding local events and things to see and do in your area. Now, of course, this will depend on where you live but we think you can find lots of things to do no matter where you are at. The biggest things that we use and is word of mouth and social media. Sometimes you can find local things to do in the newspaper, flyers, and the radio to name a few. We will be focusing on social media because we have found that best.



Theo loves to see the local events coming up on the cities website and app. Yes we know not every city has their own website or app but if yours does make sure to check it out! Here we can see things coming up months in advance! We also are able to look at the recurring things that happen locally like farmers markets and such. We are sure you can use these many ways again just depends on your city.



If you haven’t guessed but Jaz likes to use Facebook to find out things that are going on locally. Here it is a little more complicated because just about anyone can make an event and post it for everyone. So you are going to have to weed out the ones that look legit and make sure you investigate them further. It’s super easy to see things that are happening that day or in the coming week. Not so easy to see month or more in advance for public event’s. Since you also don’t have to be a big company to have your event listed you can also find more niche and hole in the wall events. Like a frisbee group, Theo really did join a frisbee group when we first moved here! It’s also great for finding small business meetups, cooking classes, concerts, and yard sales.



If you don’t already follow a local blogger you need to right now! Now they could be a local photographer, fashion blogger, etc. Just follow a blogger that is going out to local events so that you can know about them too! Bloggers are also usually more involved with their local city from what we can tell and are willing to invest in other small businesses and highlight them in their blog or social media. They can tell you the best shops in town and places for photos! We even follow one that has blog posts with events coming up and a free “100+ things to do”. Don’t forget to follow those local bloggers!



A great way to find bloggers who have written about things in your local city is to turn to Pinterest and Youtube. Pinterest and Youtube is great for finding bloggers that don’t have to live in your city but might have just visited and rounded up all the things they love to do there. There are tons of travel bloggers out there now and we can bet there is some show or post about where you live!



We always struggle with deciding on where to go eat out! So we have made things smilier. We started following bloggers and social media channels where all they do is eat! Seriously food bloggers are fun to follow. We love seeing where they go next. They tend to eat out more and know their way around the city and any local food events coming up. Finding out what spots they frequent the most is fun to go there too and try what they recommend. They are also the ones who know when a new restaurant will open up and normally go on opening night! So don’t forget to follow local food bloggers.


Small businesses

So as you can guess most all of the above is about small businesses. Following small businesses is great to get more involved with your local community. We like to follow on social media to find out events they are hosting or other things going on. We follow restaurants, food trucks, escape rooms, photographers, local organizations, nonprofit organizations, the local newspaper social media, local etsy shops, local clothing stores, and more than we can ever write down!


We hope this has been informative and that you are able to go out there and enjoy the place that you live in now! Don’t forget to also check out national and state parks near you! Those are some of our favorites too!


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