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September 21, 2018

If you want to have an amazing wedding but don’t know where to start or what to invest in first check out our blog post here about The Four Things You Should Invest in for Your Wedding. Now when designing a tablescape there are about 6 or more things that you have to consider for the wedding. Tablescapes are not just one thing like a wedding dress, they are a combination of all the different elements coming together to make your vision come to life. You may have an amazing centerpiece but ugly chairs and it will throw off the entire tablescape and theme you are going for!



Don’t forget the chairs and don’t forget this is where you really want to invest your money in because they will actually be more prevalent and seen than anything else, even the centerpieces! The chairs are also a big factor to the type of style you want. If you want a classic and romantic style go for a French X back chair. More of a modern look? Choose clear Ghost chairs. Don’t be afraid to also dress up those chairs and make them the true showstoppers with sashes, garlands, cushions, bows, etc. One last point make sure that they are comfortable!



The second most important thing is the place setting. This includes plates, salad plates, chargers, utensils, cups, wine glasses, basically everything that people will need to eat their food and drinks with. These are so easy to mix and match. Think of texture, colors, materials, and styles. We love when people know what they want and are able to get slate chargers, porcelain white plates with painted blue flowers, pink crystal wine glasses, and silver modern silverware. Those are just some examples but you get the point that there are a lot of elements to the place settings that will help tie in elements from the tablescape together.



You, of course, have to have a table for people to put their food on and to gather around. Depending on how much of the table is being shown will also help determine what kind of table you want. Remember to think about the venue and space that the tables will be in sometimes roundtable can’t work in a tight square room as easily. The shape is a huge factor.



Stationary is very valuable because without it how would people know where to sit? We love stationery and that it is a great way to tie in the wedding invitations to the actual wedding. Table numbers, menus, alcohol lists, the name of the bride and groom, etc. Things to keep in mind with stationery is material, font, colors, style. Think of things like paper place cars, marble place cards, oyster place cards, calligraphy, type font, glass, white ink, black ink, and overall style to coordinate with everything.



Let’s not forget about the linens! These are great to make the tablescape really stand out. With napkins, tablecloths, runners, sashes, ribbons, etc. These add a little bit of whimsy and bring the entire tablescape together. They are also a great way to incorporate your main color or add little accent colors. Keep in mind material, colors, size, shape, style, and how they lay. If you love silk keep in mind how it lays when used as a tablecloth or napkin.



The most fun part or the first thing that people think about when designing their wedding is the centerpieces but this should be the last! These are flowers, structural elements, food, vases, hanging arrangements, hanging lights almost to table, candles, etc. This is when you can really let loose and have fun. Just remember to keep it cohesive with the rest of the tablescape and that whatever elements are on the table to not make them to hard for people to see the person sitting across from them.


Wow, that was a long list 6 things to keep in mind for a tablescape! Did you know there were that many? What things do you think we left off that is important?


Six elements to a great wedding tablescape-5.jpg
Six elements to a great wedding tablescape-2.jpg
Six elements to a great wedding tablescape-1.jpg
Six elements to a great wedding tablescape-3.jpg
Six elements to a great wedding tablescape-4.jpg
Six elements to a great wedding tablescape by Jaz&Theo
Six elements to a great wedding tablescape by Jaz&Theo

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