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September 25, 2018

You guys we have been having a great week! Last Sunday the 16th of September we were able to go back to Jaz’s parents home. We went to church and watched Jaz’s little brother Ethan give his farewell talk for his mission. We are so happy that he is going to serve the Lord and people for two years in the Marshall Kiribati Mission. We are going to miss him but know this is going to be great. The Marshall islands sound so amazing and can’t wait to see if Ethan comes home being able to spire fish or do other things the natives do.


We had a small farewell party after and were able to see cousins and family members. Luckily we were also able to be there when he got set apart for his mission too! It ’s always fun to hear when we go back to see friends and family they have been loving our blog posts, photos, and social media posts. It just warms up our hearts. Also when we were there we were able to see the brand new baby kittens! They had five little kittens that were only three weeks old and had a hard time staying awake. We loved cuddling with them even if Jaz gets itchy eyes and skin since she is allergic.


We also squeezed in two sessions while we were there, one a sweet family and another an anniversary session. The sweet family session was Saturday evening and they even showed up in their wedding clothes to have some anniversary photos done. They were so much fun! Sunday morning early we took a couple and did something very different from us. It was a fun surprise for you all very soon and we can’t wait! So stay tuned for that very soon.


During the weekdays we edited the photos, did lots of work, behind the scenes work that no one sees, and had fun together. Theo bought a Nintendo switch when it first came out and this week we bought Mario Kart 8 and have been having fun racing each other. You guys it was basically Christmas around here because we also bought a grain grinder and it came Saturday the 22. It is really cool and is made out of wood. If anyone wants to check it out here it is.


Friday night we went over to a good friends brand new house and she showed us around. We had fun talking and eating her amazing food. Theo finally got her cat to let him touch her! Win! Saturday evening after doing dishes and laundry we got all dressed up to go to the Symphony! We have never been to a symphony before and we actually liked it. We just thought that it could have been shorter than three hours! There were so many older people there and we were surprised to see them stay awake so late.


Well, you guys that is what has been happening in our lives and hope you are doing well! Please let us know in the comments below what other blog posts you would like to see from us that falls into the categories, photography, business, personal, wedding, wedding planning, waste free, travel, interior design, and self help. Thank you so much!


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