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August 14, 2018

Let’s just say that the longer we are in business the more we love destination weddings. There is something about being in a dream location to start your marriage! It is helpful for every couple to recognize what they want their wedding to be like. Weddings are for you two and are not always one-size fits all. So you may love the idea of a destination wedding but you may not!



For a lot of destination weddings, the couple have a close group of friends. They know that those friends and family that are close will make the effort to get to the wedding. Some do this to also save some money because fewer guests mean less to pay for! We have also realized that people who don’t like big crowds love destination weddings because it helps get rid of having to invite everyone or having everyone come.



If you dream about a certain location for the wedding why not have it there? Love a French-themed? Why not have it in France! Don’t feel like you are limited to where you live. We see so often that a couple wants a desert themed wedding but they live in New York so they settle for a traditional New York wedding. We don’t think you should settle when starting your marriage!



If you put photos at the top of the list of things you want to have then you might like a destination wedding. Epic photos usually come with destination weddings which we love and so do couples that choose a destination location based on how epic the photos will be! Most photographers who get hired for a destination wedding also would be happy to take the day before or a day after photos too since they already have to get there a day early!



Do you stress easily? Or just like the idea of a more simple wedding? There is a reason so many parents are actually encouraging their kids to have destination weddings. There are fewer people, fewer things to rent/buy, the venue or package can sometimes include things even the honeymoon, and things like vendors. It may be more simple but if that’s what you love then this is a great option!


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