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July 20, 2018

We see so many weddings now days that seem like every other wedding! It’s not a bad thing but it is when you want to have a desert themed wedding with your personal style but you end up having a vineyard wedding! Don’t settle! Make people remember your wedding and see that you put thought and care into it to make it your own personal wedding!



It’s all in the details but one of the best ways to make your wedding more in line with your style and personality is to get a venue that fits! A venue will really set the tone and know that you but some thought into picking the best one! Plus adding personal touches to the table, chairs, and decorations are the best way to make an impression!


The Ceremony

One of the best ways to make your wedding unique and add personal touches to it is doing it during the ceremony. We have seen so many fun and personal wedding ceremonies! From the couple that sings their vows to those that ride in/off on a horse! It’s really endless!


Loved ones

A great way to add personal touches is to let others be a part of the wedding. From having heirloom items, to adding deceased relatives photos frames, having wedding photos of your parents and grandparents framed and on display, to so much more! We love it when couples are able to enlist the talents of their friends and family to make the wedding really stand out. From someone making the backdrop to the invitations!



Do you love board games or corn hole? How about karaoke or paintings? What do you two like to do and do when spending time with friends and family that you love the most? The best thing about weddings is that they can be whatever you want them to be. Maybe you love pool parties or love nature and have the ceremony and reception in the mountains. We love the idea of having your favorite games set out for guests to play. Having a painter or a little station for people to paint!



Another great way to make it meaningful and personal is by the gifts you give to guests, the parents, and the bridal party! Each one of these people probably helped so much with the wedding and having personal gifts for each of them can really make the difference! Don’t forget gifts for your vendors too!


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