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July 17, 2018

Summer is one of the best times of year and we love spending time outside! It’s time to host bbq’s, game nights, holiday parties, and so much more! So we have gathered up some tips on how to have an amazing backyard that will be a retreat for you!

Designated areas

Rugs, patios, pavers and tile can have a bit impact on your backyard and give you a place for easy entertaining. Designating entertaining space will make it easier to relax and enjoy being outside.

backyard retreat10.jpg
backyard retreat14.jpg
backyard retreat13.jpg


We don’t know what it is but when ever we are outside we want to sit around a fire. Adding a fire pit or outdoor fireplace will give your backyard a entirely different feel! Plus gives you a reason to go outside as well.

backyard retreat5.jpg
backyard retreat17.jpg
backyard retreat4.jpg
backyard retreat7.jpg
backyard retreat12.jpg


From umbrellas, lounge chairs, coffee tables, chairs, dining tables, and more will give you a place to relax and actually enjoy being outdoors in your backyard.

backyard retreat8.jpg
backyard retreat1.jpg
backyard retreat2.jpg
backyard retreat3.jpg
backyard retreat15.jpg


Don’t forget that as the sunsets you will need some light to continue the party into the night. Strung lights are our favorite but so are hanging chandeliers! Just go with what you love and will give you enough light.

backyard retreat23.jpg
backyard retreat11.jpg
backyard retreat9.jpg


The best things are the little finishing touches. Rugs, pillows, trays, candles, and so much more. Don’t forget to add some bouquets or other things that will make your backyard stand out and seem so comfy.

backyard retreat6.jpg
backyard retreat16.jpg


This is always the hardest but also the most rewarding. The more you maintain and take care of your plants in your backyard the more you will like it!

backyard retreat22.jpg
backyard retreat19.jpg
backyard retreat18.jpg

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