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June 1, 2018

Since the royal wedding was recently we thought it might be fun to list a few things that princesses are expected to do or not do. I, Jaz try and do most because these are really about trying to be your best self and every girl and lady is a princess. There are some that are a little outdated but still fun to know that most of the royals still follow to this day!


Princesses are not allowed to paint their nails any color besides nude! Not even a French manicure! I have been in the practice of not painting my nails at all for at least fours years now. I must say it is so much nicer and my nails are more healthy, and I love saving time and money!

Hair color

Dying hair is allowed if it is your natural hair color. But doing other colors is out of the question. I have only had a few highlights when I was in middle school. When I start having grey hairs I have to cover up I will keep my natural hair color though. But again it is nice saving the time and money not dying my hair all the time right now.

Dresses to knee length

Princesses must be modest. That means skirts, shorts, and dresses all have to come at the knee or below. I follow this for religious reasons too but my favorite part is when I wear ladylike clothes people don’t treat me like a teenager! And I never have to worry about showing too much.

Loves to wear hats/fascinators

This isn’t a rule but it is very common to cover your head. I have always loved hats but recently I have loved wearing fascinators like Princesses Kate.

Avoid fads

This is a great one that I have always tried to adhere to. Fads come and go and that is why it is always best to go with the timeless and classic things. Plus I don’t have to buy a new wardrobe every few months.

2-3 accessories

I didn’t know about this one but it makes sense. You never see big statement pieces but more delicate accessories on Princess Kate. Small clutches, dainty jewelry. This one is a little harder because sometimes a bigger bag is necessary or I just like big earrings.

One signature perfume

This one has got to be the hardest for me right now. I have stopped trying to by perfume because I have a couple that I need to use up. But I also don’t think I have a signature one. I am thinking of doing essential oils as a perfume.


This is one of the most important ones and I think everyone should have good manners. Sometimes I do get stressed or I forget to introduce someone properly but I am trying to be better. I have read a few sections from Emily Post’s Etiquette book and highly recommend it! What really ticks me off is when people take photos or others without their permission, that is not good manners.

Good posture

I think anyone who cares about themselves or their body will have good posture but did you know princesses also can’t cross their legs together at the knee? Yep, this is a hard one and it is more comfortable to be relaxed but it is more elegant to have knees together and feet together on the ground when sitting.

Don’t chew gum

This is an easy one for me since I don’t like gum and a sweet older lady told me when I was young to never chew gum or you look like a cow chewing their cud. So since high school, I have never bought gum and haven’t chewed it since.


Princesses must always wear pantyhose when wearing dresses or skirts. I think this one is a little outdated and I honestly just don’t like wearing them. But I am sure you could get used to them if you wear them every day.

No politics

I think this one is just a good manners protocol but you shouldn’t talk or get involved in politics. I do have strong beliefs but I also know arguing never solves anything. Plus I would hate to turn down a potential friendship due to always talking politics.

No shellfish

This one was for health reasons back in the day. I don’t tend to eat a lot of shellfish anyways but when it is fresh I will try a bit.

Dinner etiquette and eating etiquette

Boy, there are so many little rules in hosting, dinner and eating etiquette to list here. I am trying to do better and I have improved my skills at eating with my left hand but tend to only do it when we go out to eat.

Gentlemen open doors

Theo is is a gentleman and always opens doors for me, especially the car door. I love this and I do think it brings us closer. Serving is a great way to show love.

This is a really long list and we didn’t even cover all of them! Hope this has been fun and hopefully you can realize that you can look and act more like a princess in little ways!

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