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June 22, 2018

Getting the most done you can in one day really starts with setting yourself up for success. It takes prep work to get things done and planning them out. We have been implementing that and it has helped us get the things that we don’t want to do done and be more motivated.

Habits are life

Want to know one of the things that people hate so much about themselves? It’s that they are controlled by habits. For good or bad 47% of our days are made up of habits. Eating, getting out of bed, going to the bathroom, looking at our phones, how we interact with people and our loved ones, and more. This also has to do with our emotions if we have a bad attitude doing something it could become a habit. Even if you don’t like getting up in the morning and doing things you can come to love it with small changes that become habits. You can even train yourself to become faster at getting ready for the day. Small changes that you control become habits that will improve your life and help you not have to think too much about it.

Set yourself up for success

One of the best ways to make the most out of your morning routines or days is to set yourself up for success. Think in your mind at the beginning of the day how you want your morning and day to go. The hard part is to not get disappointed when they don’t line up perfectly. Having the right attitude will also help you be successful. Writing out what exactly you want to happen and how long it is going to take will get you closer to getting it done. Don’t forget to not just put down exercise but write out what you are going to do. Maybe 20 squats, 20 lounges, and 10 pull ups repeated 4 times followed by a one-mile run. The best part is of setting yourself up for success is to also write out a reward that you will get when you complete it. A movie ticket, a concert, money towards a vacation, a trip to the library. Just try not to give yourself food because you don’t want that to become a habit. Make sure to tell your close ones and even people you hardly know a goal or morning routine you are working on.

Things you hate to do

Do you dread exercising, washing dishes, laundry, calling people? Getting things done that you hate at the beginning of the day will boost your self-discipline and you are more willing to do things you don’t like or want to do. That means you will be more productive and be happier because you have the rest of the day to look forward to things you do like.

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