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May 18, 2018

Contracts are very important! When we were starting out we had no idea what a contract was!

That’s not to say we were wrong. In fact when we started most photographers didn’t have their clients sign contracts. Now days we have to in order to make sure our clients show up on the date and time we have talked about and that they know about what we stand for and don’t.


We are not talking bad about other photographers who don’t have contracts. We think that when you are looking for a photographer an easy way to tell if they are taking their business seriously and want the best for you they will have a contract. The biggest reason we say to hire a photographer with a contract is that we have heard a few sad stories when there wasn’t one. When a photographer doesn’t have a contract they are not bound to give you any photos! Yes, that’s right! That means if they forget, lose them, or don’t want to deliver them they don’t have to! Scary! We always want people to be able to get their photos and not be unhappy clients!

Book Date and Time

A second reason, in case you needed more, is that the photographer is bound to show up to the session and take photos. We have all heard of scams and try to avoid them. Photographers don’t want to get scammed by their clients so they ask for a retainer to lock in the date and time they will meet with their client to take photos. That means the photographer has to show up! Sadly when people hire a photographer without a contract and send the retainer before the session they can sometimes be scammed and the photographer never shows up! Again we hate this! We think this gives photographers a bad name and we want to help you avoid this!

We hope this has been informative and has helped you know a little about the reasons why we and other more professional photographers ask for a contract! There are lots of other reasons why we love contracts! We also have in our that we won’t stick around if we feel like we are being verbally or physically abused, which we think all photographers should have so their clients don’t take advantage of us, especially single female photographers!

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