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February 3, 2018


  1. How We Met
  2. Our Most Awkward Date
  3. The Best/Worst Birthday
  4. Our Proposal
  5. Our Wedding Day



The long-awaited day was here. My wedding dress that I had spent months making was on and heavy. I kept wanting to play with it and twirl but even more, I wanted to gaze into Theo’s eyes. We saw each other a few hours before we were to get married. His suit made him look so much older and younger at the same time. We embraced and spent the next hour together in the temple. I am so glad we got to enjoy our time together on our wedding day and that we got to spend the entire day together instead of apart. We got married and time seemed to stop.

The overall day went better than I had dreamed. Of course, I had also put countless hours and months into planning it and making sure everything was perfect. Not everything did go perfectly but it went over better than I had anticipated. We were also very lucky because everyone one in our immediate families were able to make it! That was such a blessing and they helped out so much!


That day I was so nervous and excited all at the same time. Everything was more than perfect. My plan was that 1. Jazmyn would be there, 2. the officiator would be there 3. my family would be there 4. Jaz’s family would be there and that anything else would be a bonus. It was so much better than just that. Jazmyn was stunning in the dress she made from scratch for herself (see below) and we got to spend so much of the day together. We had a great time at our reception that evening. Jazmyn had worked so hard to make everything so nice for the reception.

Jaz is a fan of the Beach Boys so I sneaked the song ‘Come Go With Me’ into our romantic crap playlist. A few songs before that my brothers were in the house putting on some retro 70’s suits. Right before the song, I sneaked into the house and as the song began we all marched out single file and Jaz got a whirlwind of dancing with me to finish it off at the end. She got twirled and swung around and even had fun while it was happening! Luckily the dress made it through it no worse for wear and Jaz was happy the whole night. It was a lot of fun and we have had fun ever since.


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