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We are Jaz & Theo! We a wedding photography team in El Paso, here to serve our couples and photographers. We enjoy traveling, making friends, wearing cute outfits (including hats), and snuggling together often.

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February 16, 2018

  1. How We Met
  2. Our Most Awkward Date
  3. The Best/Worst Birthday
  4. Our Proposal
  5. Our Wedding Day


Theo- This is a photo of when I officially proposed. Some people like to be surprised by everything, some people don’t like any surprises, and some people like somewhere in between. For us we talked about everything. Therefore there weren’t very many surprises. Jazmyn has a particular style she likes and so we even picked out the ring together. She didn’t know when it would be sized and ready. She thought it would be about a week. Fortunately, they were very quick and I had it two days later. The following day I took her out to take some engagement photos and had hidden the ring box in a small plastic bag and safety pinned to the inside of my pant-leg. It was great because Jazmyn got the ring she wanted, and I got to surprise her.

Everyone is different and is looking for different things when it comes to personal or intimate things such as proposals. What do you all think is the best way for proposals to happen? Big and extravagant social things in front of crowds or family? Or maybe alone together in a quiet spot that you both love? Give us your thoughts and have a great day!

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