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November 13, 2017

Monday 6th of November

It was early Monday the 6th of November when the chime rang as a message came through on Jaz’s phone. The text was from her mom and it read “We have your dad at St. Mary’s Hospital for chest pains – we do not know anything yet but will let you all know as soon as we hear something.” We are sure all of the immediate family who got the test were in shock but for us we didn’t think it sounded very serious at the time. Later in the day when things calmed down we started to find out more. Following is a brief story of what happened according to how it was told to us.

Jaz’s dad Thayne is playing basketball and as people were starting to leave he laid down on the floor because he was in pain. Some people thought he was just stretching and catching his breath. Luckily he was able to drive himself home safely. As he walked in the door to the house he says to Jaz’s mom Kim that he isn’t feeling well. Kim runs to get changed but instead grabs her shoes and comes back out to find Thayne on the floor in pain. She asks him what to do and he say “Call an ambulance.” So she did. The ambulance got there just in the right time as Thayne went unconscious. They load him into the ambulance and take off. Kim and Jaz’s brother Logan weren’t too far behind in a car.

The Unknown

What none of us including Kim knew is that Thayne flatlined in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. They brought him back with the shocks and took him into surgery right away once they made it to the hospital. He flatlined again in surgery so they made him stay awake without any pain meds while they entered an artery in his right thigh to get to the heart. Thayne says that as soon as the stent was in place his pain which was at a 9 went down to a 1! The surgery didn’t last too long and they only had to put one stint in and a balloon to help his heart keep pumping. The doctors say one of the arteries in the heart had a complete block and he wasn’t getting enough blood. We are so grateful that it wasn’t anything more serious like a double or triple bypass or that they didn’t have to open his chest up. They kept him in the ICU for two days after.

Tuesday Jaz drove to St. Mary’s Hospital in Tucson to see her father. What she found surprised her. Her dad sitting up and making jokes about all the funny things he did yesterday after he got out of surgery. He called people and was asking how to escape the hospital and reminding those that came to visit that he didn’t have anything on under his gown! We love Thayne and how he is making the most out of his circumstances. He is an extraordinary example. We must admit we weren’t even half as happy as he was. Jaz stayed for the week and spent as much time as she could exept to sleep at the hospital until he was released Thursday before lunch. Theo cam Friday morning and stayed till we both left Sunday afternoon.


We are so thankful for everything and so thankful for the way it happened and the outcome. We are thankful for all the prayers and thoughts! Luckily he didn’t have the heart attack while he was driving or when he was at work in Mexico. Thankful for all the doctors and nurses that helped save Thayne’s life. It’s crazy how fast life can change. Just last week we had an amazing week full of fun and friends you can read about it here. We had just published it the same day Thayne had his heart attack. It’s such a stark contrast to think about. We hope you make the most out of today by giving those you love and care about a hug and a call. Please feel free to share this on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. We want to be able to help others and make the world a better place.

J&T Weekly Adventures Part 4: Life and Hospitals by Jaz&Theo. Click here to read about our dad's heart attack.

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