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October 27, 2017

This past week has been a blast and it has been busy!

Jaz has been busy sewing cloth napkins to use instead of paper napkins since we are trying to cut down on our waste. She made them out of drop cloth, which is a very sturdy fabric, this stuff is tough! She even taught herself how to do a mitered edge! We love the way they turned out and have already been using them when friends come over to eat. Jaz also thinks they look great as decorations in our china cabinet and loved taking these few styled photos with them. Making napkins is so fun and relaxing.

Theo joined an Ultimate Frisbee group in town and has been going once or twice a week to play. He loves it and has already put together a meeting to play! Sadly we don’t have any photos of him playing but he does love playing and is glad it’s getting colder.



The biggest news we have is that on the 13 of this month we were models in a small styled shoot by the amazing photographers Tyler and Lindsey! You can check them out here.

We couldn’t believe what we were seeing! The white sands are so heavenly! We have been wanting to visit this location for many years and we finally checked it off our to do list! Pro: we got to have fun and wear cute clothes. Con: we had just vacuumed out our car the week before and now it is full of white sand! haha

The hills don’t look so big when you are out there but then you try and climb up one and it is extremely difficult! Jaz tried walking in heels for a little ways but decided it wasn’t worth the effort. Many people were there will little sleds to slide down the hills! It almost looked like snow for us desert dwellers.

This was such a dream and loved it and getting to know Tyler and Lindsey! Here is a sneak peak photo of the session, the following photos were taken by Tyler&Lindsey.

The florals were exactly what I wish I had for our wedding. The succulents, king protea, and the prickly pear made it perfect! Floriography Flowers did a great job and the hair piece was darling! You can check them out here.

Yes Jaz did reuse the floral headpiece for some of the photos! Can you blame her!

We also got to meet the amazing hairstylist Julie from Jewel Hair Design. You can check her out here. She was such a trooper and did Jaz’s hair in the back of a truck bed!

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