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April 19, 2017


  1. How We Met
  2. Our Most Awkward Date
  3. The Best/Worst Birthday
  4. Our Proposal
  5. Our Wedding Day


On Jazmyn’s 20th birthday there was not much going on. For some reason everyone had dropped the ball and there was no cake and no birthday party. None of her roommates had done anything to make the day special. Jazmyn and I had been on a few dates, and it would be soon thereafter that we would be officially dating. I had yet to learn when her birthday was. When I went over to her house her roommate whispered to me that it was her birthday, so naturally I wished Jazmyn a happy birthday. We got talking about how her day was going and if it had been a good day. It didn’t seem like it had been that spectacular of a day. I could tell that she was hiding her disappointment for how the day was turning out, and I thought that I sensed a few tiny little tears that may have wanted to escape. It was then that I took it upon myself to try and make the rest of the day a good one.

Jazmyn’s birthday is on December 8th so the sun had already gone down and it was only getting darker and colder. I asked if I could treat her to dinner and maybe get her some ice cream to celebrate the day. Jazmyn said yes, probably because she didn’t have any better options at the moment, and we went off to Denny’s to get some food. We just got some hamburgers and french-fries… super fancy! It was fine but nothing great or nice and so far I felt that I was failing at making the evening super great. I had to try and do something to make it better. I asked if she would like to go see the lights of the town from one of the back roads. One of my friends had told me of a spot that you can drive up to and just look out over the town from the top of a hill. I had never been there so we just wandered around looking for the spot.

Surprise, surprise, my plan of driving right up to the spot didn’t work and I ended up just driving us up and down that road. I was starting to get the butterflies in my stomach from how terrible that it was going. It’s just the guy thing that happens when you really want to impress the girl but it feels like the best you’re doing is wiggling your ears for her, not super impressive. I ended up just pulling up some road onto a random hill hoping that it would be a great spot. The road just wrapped around to the side of the hill and most of the hill was in the way. It was a little cold out so I asked Jazmyn if she wanted to venture out on foot to get a better view. Surprisingly she agreed to it and so we wandered out into the cold. As soon as we got out of the truck it started to mist a bit but not quite a drizzle.

That just made things worse. We were out in the cold walking on the side of a decently steep hill with a lot of little rocks and it was starting to rain. What a great birthday! We sat there on the side of the hill and I held Jazmyn close to try and keep her warm. The lights of the town were nice, but probably not worth the cold. It was there on the side of the hill that Jazmyn began to cry. This made me think that I was really doing a terrible job. I was apologizing for such a terrible time and Jazmyn was apologizing for crying. It turned out that she was actually having an alright time and that I wasn’t completely failing. We sat there for what seemed like a long time.

Neither one of us really wanted to be right there in the cold, but neither one of us wanted to not be in each other’s arms. What a dilemma! I was most likely trying too hard. Jazmyn kissed me on the cheek! Wow! I was a seemingly extrovert guy in some situations, but really I am a bit awkward and introverted beneath that outer shell. I was very nervous because Jazmyn is so beautiful and for whatever reason I didn’t kiss her back. I choked! We left the hill and I took her home. I thought that I had ruined all my chances, but the next day Jazmyn was still nice to me! Needless to say I recovered from my blunders and we started dating with in two weeks.


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