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We are Jaz & Theo! We a wedding photography team in El Paso, here to serve our couples and photographers. We enjoy traveling, making friends, wearing cute outfits (including hats), and snuggling together often.

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April 7, 2017

  1. How We Met
  2. Our Most Awkward Date
  3. The Best/Worst Birthday
  4. Our Proposal
  5. Our Wedding Day


Two years into being good friends Theo and I went on our first official date. It started off just like any fall Saturday… my roommate is wanting me to go up to Mt. Graham with the big group of friends we normally hang out with. It is a last minute trip and I don’t really want to go. Of course she comes back saying that she just texted Theo and that he was asking if I was going. I know she can tell that I like him I finally say yes.

Just a few months ago Theo had moved into this small house two houses away from me. It is a small house full of boys so our two houses are constantly going over to each other’s since we are all friends. As we walk over to their house I see Theo and say Hello to him. We climb into the van together and got the last row to our selfs. On the hour long drive up the mountain Theo and I start talking about cameras. I am known as a photographer and take it most places. Theo is thinking of investing in one too. We have a great time and spend most of it together.

Sitting in our same seats Theo starts to play with my hair that’s in a ponytail. Theo is talking about cotton since  that is what he does for a job, testing engineered cotton. I didn’t grow up in cotton country so this is a new subject for me and it is fascinating the way Theo describes it.  His voice is quiet and little nervous as he asks if I would like to go look at all the blooming cotton.

I say yes! As soon as we get home we got in his little truck and drive to the cotton field. It is one of the most beautiful things I have seen. It is fluffy and white. Theo asks “Have you seen how we pack cotton?” I answer “No.” Theo takes us to another field that has already been picked to show me the cotton all bundled up. They are these massive 6ft high by about 8ft wide and 16ft long squares of picked cotton with a tarp on top.

Since Theo knew the farmer he says “Let’s sit on it!” The only problem is now that we are on the bail Theo tells me that it is a crime to mess with the cotton and especially the bails. A huge fine of a couple thousand dollars if the owner sees fit.

But we start lounging and getting cozy on top of this massive cotton bail as we watch the sunset. Theo is playing with my hair again and I could tell he is nervous like he wants to kiss me. As I look over Theo’s shoulder I see a figure coming towards us. The sun had set, almost like a dark figure. I sit up and tell Theo, I am scared we are going to get in big trouble. Theo looks at the figure and the next words out of his mouth I can’t believe. Theo says “Dad!?!”

We hop down from the giant bail and greeted his dad. This is the first time I have meet one of his parents. His dad seems happy to see his son with a girl but not so happy about us being on the cotton bail. He had just been out on his nightly walk and happened to come across us! The next couple of days this was Theo’s dad’s favorite story to tell everyone and of course to tease Theo about. I still hear about that story from time to time.



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