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March 2, 2017

The person that should be helping with the wedding the most is the groom. He is your best friend and without him there would be no wedding! We say include the groom as much as possible to ensure he get his say and cares about the wedding, instead of just showing up on the day of. Grooms should make sure to include the Bride in everything, the bride should do the same. Anytime one of you plans something for the wedding talk to each other about it and tell them why it means so much to you, why you like certain colors, flowers, people etc. this is also when couples learn the most about each other and what they like. Grooms please explain and go over things you like and don’t like also. Grooms there are many things your bride is doing for the wedding that she is not happy about, and it’s a second job for her, one of the best gifts you can give your future wife is help with this stage. Bride and Groom don’t forget that anything on your checklist can be delegated to others but make sure you two be very specific on how you want things and always ask for the finished product at least a week in advance in case things are running behind.


Place to Live

Find a house or apartment for you two to live in after you get married, Grooms make sure you bring your bride along to look at the few places you are really considering, you both have a say in where you live.


Wedding Budget

Keep track of the wedding budget; know that all most every wedding goes over the budget that was initially agreed upon. Look at the average cost for each category before deciding the budget. Cake, flowers, venue, photographer, etc. there are certain things you will want to splurge on, know what these are ahead of time. Most grooms are a little tech savy and can make an Excel spread sheet to track how much was spent and on what. This is great practice for your two setting and keeping track of a budget when married.


Venue scouting

Venue scouting with your bride can be one of the best wedding planning dates.


Most grooms are a little handy, which is a wonderful skill. We love hearing when a groom has made a backdrop, or arch for the wedding ceremony. Other things can be made too like a bench, table, or hope chest. Personal touches really make the day special.



Artist grooms can do many creative things for the wedding and more than we could ever thing of! Designer grooms could make the invitations, ceremony programs, and thank you cards. If you have great hand writing addressing the invitations in calligraphy or the escort cards can be the biggest help. Artwork of the two of you can be a surprise gift for the bride and it can be displayed on the wedding day for everyone to enjoy.


Sewing Skills

Grooms who can sew or design have a very special gift. Some grooms have even made their brides wedding dresses! A great wedding blanket will be greatly loved and used for many years.


Bakers, Chefs, and Foodies

Bakers/chef/foodie grooms can help with all food for the wedding! Why not make the cake for the wedding? Or your favorite meal for you and your groomsmen to eat while you guys are getting ready, and even better is if you can make enough for the bridesmaids and bride while they get ready. Cake testing, and caterer testing is always fun and enjoyable for these grooms.


Musically Inclined

Singing and instrument playing grooms can do a sweet song turing the vows or the reception. Maybe even join the band for your favorite song and really get the party started. We strongly suggest musically inclined grooms to record a sweet song and give it to the videographer to had to the wedding video! We absolutely love this idea! If you have a playlist at the reception the groom can put it together just make sure that your bride approves it. If you have a live band or DJ grooms you can research and select a few that you and your bride like. Listening to the band live before the wedding is another great date.


Seating Arrangements

Grooms make sure to help with the seating arrangements, you don’t have to do all but at least help or do everyone that you know or are related to. The bride might not have met everyone of your friends or family and might not know who does and doesn’t get along together.



One of the best things the groom gets to surprise the bride with is the hotel or rental place of where you two go on the honeymoon. Spend a little extra to get a great view that she can’t get over or take her to the place she has always wanted to go, maybe Disneyland!



Groom what are some things you want to put on the wedding registry? More expensive shouldn’t go on the registry because that means only one person can buy it normally things under $200 or $100 is good. Also try not to get any new electronics, as these tend to go out of date very fast and value drops once bought. Think of things you two will both use and will love for the rest of your life, or at least 10 years. Nice towels, nice sheets, pillows, cups, water purifier, etc.


Groomsmen Outfits

Finding and buying groomsmen outfits can be a great activity with your best man. Make sure to know which style and color to get.


Groomsmen Gifts

Grooms don’t forget to buy groomsmen gifts to give on the wedding day while you guys are getting ready. These gifts can be something you made, food, or other things that represent your friendship.



A less fun but must be done is closing the envelopes, adding stamps, and addresses to invitations and thank you cards can save the bride a lot of time and stress.


Letter to the Bride

Another of the best ideas we have heard is the groom writing a letter to the bride to read right before the wedding. This helps lessen the nerves and brings the focus back on you two and love. Love notes are so sentimental and will be saved for many years.


Gift for the Bride

Groom buy the bride a little gift that will help on the wedding day, instead of her borrowing earrings, buy them for her, give it to her anytime before the wedding, you don’t want to have the perfect gift and find out she had been stressing about it so much that she bought it for her self. Another great gift for your bride is hiring the vendor or venue she has been dreaming of!



Grooms make sure to practice dancing with your groom. Take a class together and enjoy each other! If you forget to practice remember their are only two formal dances that are tradition, the first dance, and the mother son dance.


Get-away Car

Car enthusiast grooms can rent a cool car for the two of you to get away in! Grooms make sure to put someone else in charge of picking it up and returning it, like your best man.


The Mother-in-law

Grooms one of the most over looked people for a wedding can be the mother of the groom! Grooms you know your mother best and know what she would love to be included in.



Grooms if you have a shy, over booked, and or stressed bride having you make the calls, emails, or arrangements for the vendors helps a lot.



Alcohol and signature drinks are perfect for the groom to test and organize.



Most brides are expecting their grooms to write their own vows.



Grooms one of the best skills is to talk to your bride and ask bride what is stressing her the most and do it for her. Open the communication and get to know her better.


Grooms think of some of your skills and put them to good use to make your wedding special and fantastic. Go out there and help with your wedding and serve your bride!




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