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March 29, 2017

  1. How We Met
  2. Our Most Awkward Date
  3. The Best/Worst Birthday
  4. Our Proposal
  5. Our Wedding Day


It was my first week of college and my life was filled with unpacking, homework, and learning about this small town I had just moved to. I shared a small house with three other girls about my age also going to college. We all had come from different small towns but I was the city girl that had lived her whole life just 15 minutes from Tucson.

For two of my roommates this was their second year so they knew most everyone that was going to this small community college. They had been talking to some of their guys friends and told them about me and my roommate, the new kids to the block. So of course the group of guys invite themselves over one night.

I remember about 3-5 tall guys walking in the door with loud voices. I didn’t pay much attention but I do remember one stood out that had red hair and glasses. He also dressed like a skater, and even had the hair that curled around his baseball hat. His name was Theo. He rode around on his long board and was the typical skater college boy. Not exactly my type but I have given him much fashion advice since then.

After that night I became good friends with that whole group and my roommates. Movie nights were a big hit especially after I moved in with a small flat screen tv. Plus it gave me an excuse to invite the boy I had a small crush on. Little did we know what god had in store for us and that we would end up together.

Us doing homework together about one and a half years later while we were dating, at my house with all my wired college decorations.

How We Met. By Jaz&Theo. Click here to learn more about us and our love story

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